PreciMan 2023

3rd International Forum & Exhibition on Precision Manufacturing at Kunshan



It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate the 3rd International Forum & Exhibition on Precision Manufacturing (PreciMan2023), which will be held in Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center on 9-11 November 2023. Kunshan locates right at the heart centre of the Yangzi River Delta Region (including Shanghai Metropolitan Area, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces) which is the powerhouse for the modern Chinese Economy. Kunshan has been ranked No.1 in the Chinese top-100 counties league over the last eighteen years in economy development, where there are thousands of engineering companies increasingly embracing precision engineering manufacture and business.

The forum & exhibition will be a unique annual event aiming to bring in the engineering practitioners, researchers, industrialists and academics all together to discuss and interact each other in the context of precision engineering manufacture and business. The forum & exhibition is timely with the industry increasingly embracing precision and micro manufacturing in a truly industrial scale, and it held in a right place – Kunshan being a gateway to do precision engineering business in Shanghai, the entire Yangtze River Region, and China and beyond.

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