PreciMan 2025

Forum & Exhibition Scope

This annual event will scope itself as the most popular and unique international forum & exhibition on precision engineering manufacture and business, for engineering practitioners, leading researchers, industrialists and academics to share and exchange ideas such as the latest developments, research findings, best business practices and visions in the fast-moving field, and to find many ways to do better precision engineering business and collaboration both efficiently and effectively. 


Forum & Exhibition Aims

We hope to facilitate a gathering of global practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, and academics in the field of precision manufacturing through an internationally renowned forum. Our aim is to assist professionals from both domestic and international domains and industries in forging connections and engaging in collaborative exchanges with top-tier international enterprises, research and development personnel, and industry and supply chain platform counterparts. It also aims to expand the application of new products and promote the prosperity and advancement of the industrial market and technology.


We endeavour to elevate the forum and exhibition to a platform and industrial gateway that possesses global influence in precision and ultraprecision manufacturing technology. It will offer real-time insights into industry trends, promote industrial development, and foster collaborative partnerships among businesses.

Topics of this forum & exhibition(Preciman 2025) is under preparation, the following is the information of the last session(Preciman 2023).

PreciMan 2023 Forum & Exhibition Topics

Industrial exhibitions, presentations and interests will include but not limited to:

· Multi-axis ultraprecision motion platforms (2-8 axes)

· Precision and ultra-precision machine tools

· Ultra-precision equipment/machine tools and advanced 'industrial parent machines'

· Air-bearing turntables/ Spindles/ Slides

· Precision mechatronics and control/drive systems

· Diamond tools, micro tools/ Molds & fixtures

· Precision micro-moulding

· Precision grinding machines and grinding processing technologies.

· Laser processing

· In-process monitoring and measurement

· Encoders and positioning devices

· Ultraprecision diamond turning and tooling techniques.

· Precision micro-moulding and micro forming

· Precision 3D printing and additive manufacturing

· Ultraprecision machining using slow tool servo (STS) or fast tool servo (FTS) mode

· Industrial metrology and precision/ultraprecision measurement equipment

· High precision processing of components for 3C industries (computers, communications, consumer electronics)

· High precision processing of automotive components

· Micro and miniature components and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

· Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and technology

· Optical component/device manufacturing

· Ophthalmic lens and optics precision manufacturing and equipment

· Precision dies & molds manufacturing

· Precision and ultraprecision manufacturing of electric vehicle components

· Industrialized ultraprecision production & planning

· Other technologies associated with precision engineering and precision/micro manufacturing展会图2.jpg

Important Dates and Deadlines

Forum participation registration: by 10 April 2025

Industrial exhibitors'registration: by 10 April 2025

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