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Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center is a multi-functional exhibition complex integrating exhibition, conference, hotel, catering and other functions. It is located at the core of Kunshan National Economic and Technological Development Zone, 30 kilometers away from Shanghai and 38 kilometers from Suzhou. It is named the"East Gate" of Jiangsu Province and the "Connecting Station" of Shanghai .Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center is surrounded by various hotels, complete commercial facilities;With an internal terminal ,it connects Shanghai's two major international airports (Hongqiao and Pudong Airport) .


Travel Map

Southern Suofang Airport - Kunshan                       Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport- Kunshan                      Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Distance:82 km                                                           Distance:50 km                                                                      Distance:107 km 


Travel Map – Key airports (in Shanghai and Wuxi) to Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center(Forum location)

Surrounding hotels

1.Kunshan Jinling Grand Hotel (Forum venue)       Luxury hotel               Distance: 0.6 km       Tel: 0512-55388888

2.Hotel Vienna (Convention center)                          High-quality hotel      Distance: 1.4km        Tel: 0512-36908288

3.Courtyard By Marriott Kunshan                              High-quality hotel      Distance: 2.5km        Tel: 0512-50728888

4.Kunshan Longqi Jianguo Hotel                             Luxury hotel               Distance: 2.6km        Tel: 0512-36655555

5.Quanji Hotel (East Qianjin Road)                           High-quality hotel      Distance: 3.6km        Tel: 0512-86890777

6.Kunshan Dawn International Hotel                        High-quality hotel      Distance: 4.0km        Tel:0512-57396666

7.Kunshan Junhao Hotel                                           Luxury hotel               Distance: 5.8km        Tel:0512-57168888

8.Windsor Park Hotel                                                 Luxury hotel               Distance: 7.0km         Tel:0512-57373688

Travel Map  Key airports (in Shanghai and Suzhou) to/from Kunshan Jinling Hotel& Resort (Forum location)

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